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Who would be interested in knowing what I’m reading?

Who would be interested in knowing what I’m reading?

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One more step to overcome and learn…I was invited to work in amplifiEDucation, now ampeduca, to do the administrative work and translations to German and Spanish.

Seemed quite easy for me because both tasks were part of my life up until this point. But, as it almost always happens in my life, I never realized in the beginning what all of this would entail. Over the past months,  I had many situations, when at first, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do what I was asked to do. Somehow I managed to overcome my fears. Now I can actually say that I did it and learned a lot of things I never thought about before: Twitter, Courseware, uploading, publishing, Mailchimp….the list goes on.

Yesterday we decided to share the books we are currently reading. I immediately came up with several typical excuses, why I couldn’t participate: Why would someone out there be interested in learning about what I read? I’m not an interesting person…I don’t have time for this….and writing a blogpost? I have never done that before?? Definitely NOT!

Today I suddenly realized that I was in the Panic Zone!!! I learned about the different zones when I became an ontological Coach. Are you familiar with these zones?

Learning Zones

Being in your Comfort Zone is where you feel safe, comfortable and repeat things without thinking about them, there is no uncertainty. But in that zone, you don’t learn anything new. When you want to learn something, you suddenly feel uncertainty, fear. Why? Because to learn, we have to expand our awareness and our capacity for action, we don’t feel comfortable anymore. We have to admit that there are things that we don’t know and therefore, we define “learning” as a process. We move from comfort to discomfort, but we are capable to reach something that was out of our reach before.

Once we learned what we wanted to learn, we have extended our Comfort Zone because we are able to include this new learning in there.

What about the Panic Zone? Once in there, it is almost impossible to learn something because of all the negative emotions that appear, like criticism, shame for not knowing and first of all, a lot of fear. One consequence of all this is us proclaiming that we “prefer” not being interested or willing to participate, or whatever it might be. Another reason to enter the Panic Zone is when we want to speed up the learning process: a clear example for this could be when you first learn how to drive a car and decide to drive on a highway….Can you feel the sensation about this? PANIC ZONE.

So it’s better to remain in our well known Comfort Zone but the result is that we don’t learn!

Here’s the thing. What is the worst that can happen if I share my books and write this post? You don’t read this or any of the books….that’s all!!! Maybe you think my books are not interesting….so what?

I am very happy to share my books with you because I overcame the roadblocks I put in the way myself! And also, if you are reading this, my fears and doubts were unfounded.

This time, I will highlight two of the books I chose to read because they have nothing to do with work and I’m reading them for my own benefit.

Everytime I travel to the US, I spent a long while in a bookstore because I like to read in English to improve my language. The Girl on the Train: A Novel from Paula Hawkins is perfect because as I’m practicing my English, I completely forget my work, housework and even my own children (although at their age, they don’t need me that much anymore)…. This book hooks you and therefore gives you the time needed to recharge your batteries and then continue with all the duties. Watch out and choose the right moment to read it! Sometimes time goes by too quickly when you are immersed in the book.



 The other book is Mindfulness en la era del miedo y la ansiedad: El arte de elegir la paz (Spanish Edition). This book is also for myself but it definitely helps to work better! It helps us to live in the present with much awareness and presence. It helps me overcome that kind of moments when I enter the panic zone. It also lets me enjoy and “live” much more what happens in the present. And regarding work? Living with complete awareness let us see the reason why we are working because at some point we chose to work on whatever we do. Maybe we should analyze how much presence and awareness we had when we took that decision.


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.


Usar el cerebro (Spanish Edition) by Facundo Manes – Mateo Niro


Viviendo los 7 hábitos. Historias que engrandecen (Spanish Edition) by Stephen R. Covey


  1. @Katrin

    Ich finde es toll, dass du deinen persönlichen Weg in diesem Blog beschreibst und mit anderen teilst, was dich bewegt! Es ging mir ähnlich, als ich mit meinem anfing! Was ich interessant finde, dass du mit anderen auch teilst,was du gerade liest. La chica del tren habe ich auch gelesen. Ich wollte schon in der letzten Zeit mich näher mit dem Thema mindfulness beschäftigen. Mit welchem sollte ich anfangen?

    Avatar Gaby Holm

    August 11, 2016

    • Danke Gaby! Es ist erleichternd, wenn man solche Gefühle aussprechen kann. Wenn du dich mit Mindfulness beschäftigen möchtest, ist dieses Buch ideal, weil es einfach geschrieben ist. Auch das Buch von Jon Kabat-Zinn ist sehr gut!

      Avatar Katrin Barlsen

      August 11, 2016

  2. I happen to read ‘ usar el cerebro’ ….. and listen ‘ to the girl on the train’ on the ‘ audible App’ at this very moment!
    I have to congrat you about your first blog…….. I am still in the ‘ panic zone ‘ . Just leave you this comment!

    Avatar Karin Rosenthal

    August 11, 2016

    • thank you Karin!!! If you you already realized that you are in the Panic Zone you are also applying Mindfulness to have full awareness of you

      Avatar Katrin Barlsen

      August 12, 2016

  3. Que interesante lo q contàs !! Gracias por compartir tu experiencia q es tambièn la de muchos !! Ese es el desafìo ,salir de nuestra zona de confort para asi aprender cosas nuevas ,y tener experiencias distintas para asi dìa dìa ampliar la zona en la q nos sentimos còmodos !!! Muy buen blog !!!

    Avatar Cecilia Mey

    August 12, 2016

  4. Que interesante lo que decìs !! Gracias por compartir tu experiencia que es tambièn la de muchos !! Ese es el desafìo , salir de la zona de confort para aprender cosas nuevas , y tener experiencias distintas para de esta manera ir ampliando la zona en la que nos sentimos còmodos !!! Hay que animarse !!!!!! Muy bueno tu blog !!!!!

    Avatar Cecilia Mey

    August 12, 2016

    • gracias Ceci! Vos también sabes de lo que estoy hablando

      Avatar Katrin Barlsen

      August 12, 2016

  5. Hi Katrin,
    I remember being in the panic zone when Silvia & her colleagues asked me to write my first post. Now I am in the comfort zone and ready for new challenges & learning oppurtunities. I really enjoyed reading your post. It read like an experienced blogger. Thank you for sharing your book recommendations.

    Avatar Liat Walker

    August 12, 2016

    • Thank you for your encouraging words! I appreciate that you took the the time to read and comment the post. So, I’m ready for new challenges and learning opportunities too!

      Katrin Barlsen Katrin Barlsen

      August 14, 2016


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