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What is in a name? amplifiEDUcation is now ampeduca !!!

What is in a name? amplifiEDUcation is now ampeduca !!!

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If you have been following amplifiEDUcation, we want to let you know that our brand name has changed and we are also launching our new redesigned website! If this is the first time you are reading about us, then welcome! Our new website offers much easier navigation, as well as a new Guide to Teaching in a World of Exponential Change. If this type of teaching and learning is new for you, or even if you just want to understand better what ampeduca is all about, then check our Guide before exploring our online courses and resource options.

The decision to change our brand name was initially driven by the forces of Internet e-commerce, as you will read below, but then it became an exciting exercise on the meaning of our company! ampeduca still keeps the same idea of “amplified education” that is part of our vision:

Ampeduca is the short version to amplified education and means teaching and learning that is far-reaching, extending its influence, offering breadth as well as depth. We know we have amplified education when learning breaks physical and imaginary limits, reaching out for unexpected discoveries. We know we have amplified education when we make learning visible and easily available, inviting more learning in and impacting the learning of others. You can amplify to learn in small simple ways as well as with bigger steps. We at #ampeduca can help you at your own pace.

But now ampeduca brings to light the other important element that makes us unique! We address English speaking as well as Spanish speaking educators because we offer our website and all online courses and resources in both languages. Our goal in the future is also to offer translations in Portuguese and German, as these are all the languages spoken by our founders.

As for the forces of the Internet that brought us to this new brand name, we can only say that it came to our attention that the English word “amplify” has been trademarked. But we only learned about that a short time ago. Learning about trademark issues on the Internet has been part of our learning journey as a company, so we want to share that learning with you. Online business has become such an accessible option that brand name creation has skyrocketed. We believe everyone has the right to create and generate income from the Internet, and variations on the same theme are bound to happen. Do a thorough trademark and brand name search before you start. Even after doing that, you need to consider trademark bullying, where some businesses claim a trademark in aggressive and unfair ways, so take a look at Are You a Trademark Bully? How to Avoid Being and Being Called as One. 

We are glad you are here with us!!! Enjoy  and the new launch of the new online course Building Digital Citizens Parts 1 and 2!

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