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We Want You to Be Part of Our ampeduca Community!

We Want You to Be Part of Our ampeduca Community!

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The ampeduca team is formed by teachers who are currently, or have been, in the classroom. We practice what we preach, so we collaborate across time zones in three different countries. We are just like you, busy between our private lives and our jobs, and we are eager to share and learn from others. So we invite you to become part of our ampeduca community via social media!
We made the video below to demonstrate who we are, how we collaborate and communicate; and how we balance long-distance sharing with everything that happens in the moment. You will see it is not a “perfect professional” video, exactly because it was made by people like you, carrying on with our daily routines. The point we want to make is that social media sharing is not a perfect finished product, but spontaneous sharing, in the moment, so your thinking is made visible to others.

Who is behind ampeduca? from ampeduca on Vimeo.

Our team’s distance collaboration to create this video required a simple coordination of efforts: we discussed the ideas for the video over a Google Hangout, developed a video script on a collaborative Google Doc using colors to indicate who was shooting what, individually shot each video script line whenever we could, and shared the clips on Google Drive. Then one of us put the clips together, while another of us wrote this post. So even something that seems as complex as a collaborative video can be done with simple, organized steps. Thankfully, it is not rocket science with the tools available to us these days. It can be done!

The video is also a call for your participation in our ampeduca community. We give you quick tips on how to start participating, particularly via Twitter with the  #amplifiEDU hashtag. Take a few moments to watch the video and get a sense for what we are talking about! We would love to hear from you!

Here are the steps to participate in the #amplifiEDU online community:

  1. Log into or create your own Twitter account.
  2. FOLLOW @amplifiEDU.
  3. Write a tweet in 140 characters or less AND make sure you include the #amplifiEDU hashtag. That way you let others know that you “exist” and ready to connect with them:
    1. Share your own work
    2. Ask for feedback from other teachers
    3. Summarize and drill to the essence, a message that resonated with you
    4. Document your learning
    5. Take notes

Remember: Learn-Reflect-Share !

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