Your Learning= Your Students’ Success


Support your teachers and move your school forward in making learning meaningful and relevant for every student.

Our bite-size courses are already an amazing deal compared to similar online courses or in-person professional development, but schools save even more by buying in bulk! Pre-purchase codes and keep them on-hand for new hires. This saves you time (by not having to contact us each time you need to register a new teacher) and money (by pushing you into a higher discount rate when you purchase large quantities at one time).

In addition to offering bulk-pricing discounts at quantities starting at 10 courses, we offer a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of ampeduca’s founders for all schools that purchase packages of 25 courses or more at one time. During the session, we’ll help you think through a customized course/learning path, specific to your faculty’s needs as they begin or continue the journey of amplifiED teaching and learning. Our courses can help develop a common language among faculty, as well as confidence with using digital tools and other practices in pedagogically sound ways.

Contact us TODAY. We look forward to helping you craft an individualized PD plan that is cost-effective and meets the needs of every teacher in your school.

Available packages: 

Unlimited use for one school for one school year (all of your teachers can take unlimited courses for one year): $7500 (includes new courses to be added)