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Simple Steps to Implementing Digital Badges


Digital badges or “badging” have become popular across classrooms and content areas, providing a means to engage and motivate students while also affording educators the flexibility of recognizing and assessing student learning.

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Karin Hallett

This course is for any educator interested in providing students a co-curricular learning experience through the integration of digital badges. Digital badges offer educators a more comprehensive means of recognizing and assessing student learning. By using badges, teachers are able to offer an expanded menu of student learning in a way that supplements traditional grades. While the examples are specific to school librarians, the pedagogical framework showcased here is applicable to all educators. If you are new to implementing digital tools in the classroom, this course is designed to be user friendly, providing step-by-step instructions.

Modern technologies have greatly expanded the available tools for teaching and learning. One powerful new set of tools are digital badges, which facilitate technology-based teaching and learning. Digital badges empower teachers and students in unique ways. Badges or “badging” have become popular across classrooms and content areas, providing a means to engage and motivate students while providing educators with a flexible means of recognizing and assessing student learning. Badges can be awarded to acknowledge a student who has demonstrated knowledge, mastery of skills in a new content area, or shown growth socially or behaviorally. Badges can be used to document learning from very basic skills to more advanced learning objectives. Badges can be geared to a whole class or to an individual student in order to better personalize learning. This course takes you through the steps for creating and implementing digital badges in co-curricular instruction, learning outcomes assessment, and enhanced student engagement.

Badges have been a popular learning tool for generations. We know them from Scouting or the military, sewn onto uniform jackets or vests, where they symbolize levels of achievement or recognition. Similarly, digital badges have been used to recognize and document student learning. They can tie into any topic content and skills. In this course you will learn the three main steps involved in building a badge:

* developing the learning goals a badge acknowledges,

* formulating the metadata, the information that tells about the learning objectives and how the  student showed mastery, and

* creating and sharing the badges. You will also learn about protecting your students’ privacy and their digital work products.

– Hands-on practice with digital badge designing tools
– 5 hours of Continuing Education Credit through amplifiEDUcation

Downloadables :

*The Value of Digital Badges (PDF)

*Steps to Creating a Digital Badge (PDF)

*Examples of Badges and Goals (PDF)

*Worksheet: Badge Design Elements (PDF)

*Comparison of Badge Tools: A Checklist (PDF)

*Badge Implementation: An Example (PDF)



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