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Building Digital Citizens – part 1

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Being a good citizen of the digital world is no different from abiding by the requirements and expectations of any neighborhood or community in the physical world. As a town has laws, as a town is safe or dangerous, so too the digital world. What powers the need for teaching digital citizenship is the growing digital (il)literacy of Internet users. One reason is few take responsibility for teaching this topic. They either don’t understand it or don’t realize its importance. But a bigger reason is that we as a society don’t know what ‘digital literacy’ is. Cornell University sums it up:

“the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet”

When you add, “do that safely, succinctly, and morally”, you have Digital Citizenship.

If you are already familiar with Blogging you might have these ones for your reference and amplify your learning:

– Keys to successful internet research
– It takes 5 times
– How to pick reliable websites (infographic)
– Netiquette rules
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