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Digital Badges

What are digital badges and why should I collect them? Because digital badges recognize the learning that happens anytime, anywhere, making this learning visible online and in social media. Digital badges allow YOU to be in charge of your own learning pathway, which may comprise a much richer and varied set of skills then available in a single educational environment. Watch this video from the McArthur Foundation to understand what a badge is:

 What is a Badge?  McArthur Foundation

Digital badges are competency-based, which means they are earned based on learning evidence. This is a major difference from certificates earned by a set time. Through this competency-based system, your evidence of learning will remain accessible and visible online to anyone interested. According to the eSchool News article  How digital badges are shaking up teacher PD:

Should a teacher choose to move to another teaching opportunity, their badge profile will follow them and help demonstrate their value and abilities as their career progresses… Badges are on the path to becoming the new standard in professional learning. Some experts have suggested that badges will drastically alter or even replace the traditional resume in the coming decades. The great thing about badges is that they provide so much value beyond the obvious point that paper certificates will soon be irrelevant.”

Ampeduca is about lifelong learning and developing your own personal learning story, as stated in our ampeduca’s Guide To Teaching in a World of Exponential Change. Therefore, we will start offering Digital Badges for our online courses to make your learning pathway visible. As a taste for our badges, we are initially offering the following ones around the lifelong learner mindset, which is a stepping stone to our online courses. In order to get the “Lifelong Learner Master” badge, you first need to get the “Outside Comfort Zone Learner” and “Amplified learner” badges. They are both requirements to be a lifelong learner. Being out of your comfort zone is key to be an open-minded, self-motivated learner, who does not dismiss the unknown. An amplified learner, by its turn, requires sharing the learning for personal growth and the growth of others.

To access these badges go to Badgelist > Ampeduca Basic (you will need to Sign Up to Badgelist first). Check the requirements to see if you can already apply! Otherwise, see how you can grow and then submit a badge request. You can read the ampeduca’s Guide and also ampeduca’s blog, to better understand the lifelong learner mindset.

Follow the instructions below to obtain a badge, then share it online:

How to get a Digital Badge from ampeduca

Awarded Badge! How can I share on social media?