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At the finishing line

At the finishing line

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Ampeduca is pleased to share with you a guest post by Rahila Mukaddam. Rahila  is a BPYP Teacher at the American International School of Kuwait. She is a PYP educator on a lifelong learning journey , a reflective risk-taker, a and the co-host of We encourage you to subscribe to her blog, Step-up in the World of Tech, and connect with her and her students via Twitter.



It’s that time! We’re done! What a journey!

Change is good

For myself it has been quite a transformation. If you had asked me at the beginning of this course if I could do all that I am able to do now, I would have had a hearty laugh (at my expense).


As I was about to submit my post (didn’t meet the deadline  though) I saw Danieal Longanetti’s post/video and I went EEEKK!!! Both of us had used the template from iMovie (not a lot of options there). I sent her a DM on Twitter to ask if it would be okay if I posted mine. I also emailed Robert to be sure. But then I could not wait for their responses (I know I’m very impatient), so I started from scratch with a different template. By the time I was done, Danieal had replied in the affirmative =) Thanks Danieal! In this post, you will be watching two versions of my final project. Which one do you like and why?

Here’s the first video.

  • What were your GOALS for your lesson/project (Standards)?

It was all about integrating technology seamlessly into the classroom. Therefore, my project spanned three units of inquiry – Who We Are, Where We Are in Time and Place and How We Express Ourselves. Since this school does not have any technology standards, I used ISTE Standards. My focus was on EMPOWERED LEARNER for which they need to be Creative Communicator and Global Collaborator, but for that they need to be respectful, responsible and safe DIGITAL CITIZEN first.

  • What TOOLS did you use? Why did you choose this/these tools for this/these task(s)?

I used Seesaw – digital portfolios in the classroom so that the students could easily be creative and produce writing pieces and more in ways they have never done before. They could connect with their classmates and others in different countries using a digital platform. They could collaborate to produce new knowledge and redefine how they learn.

  • Did this implementation meet the definition of REDEFINITION?

For their summative task for How We Express Ourselves, the students will be working with poems to create digital stories. This has not been done yet but the process has already started. They will be presenting their stories on December 15, 2016 before the winter break. Of course they will also upload those on Seesaw and will be awaiting feedback from classes they are connected to. All this would not have been possible without technology. So in a way, I do think I have managed to redefine my lessons. Here is my UBD for my project.

Without further ado, here is the final video where it shows how I introduced this project at the beginning of the year. The video includes students’ thoughts which show how far they have come. I think the greatest outcome for the students has been their awakening of using the online world for productive learning. My goal is ongoing… till the end of the year… and carries on to the next!

The ACTUAL video

Tales from Grade 4


I will definitely be doing more lessons on CARP this year and next. Looking at the Learner Profile posters they made using the principles, I don’t think my students are there yet.

My technology instructional plans for next year might be big, but I’m learning to take baby steps to achieve that goal. For this, I will be relying on the support of my PLN at school as well as virtually. I would never have been able to do all that I have been able to do till now without that support. And that is my greatest learning in this course.



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