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#amplifiEDUbookclub: My Reading to Make My Ideas Happen

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I am currently reading a book called Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality, by Scott Belsky. I started reading it as an entrepreneur in education, because I wanted to find strategies to help bridge my ideas and the hard work to actually make them a reality. As I am going over the strategies shared in the book, which are based on research about creative/productive entrepreneurs, I am happily surprised to see parallels with our amplifiEDUcation philosophy!

One of the strategies shared in the book is about … guess what … the power of SHARING!!! They say that even people in business share ideas to get feedback, develop a sense for the consumer/audience, and tweak the initial idea.  The rationale is the following:

Because having the idea is just one tiny step along the road to making that idea happen. During the journey, communal forces are instrumental in refining the very substance of the idea, holding us accountable for making it happen, building a network that will push us to go above and beyond, providing us with valuable material and emotional support, and spreading the word to attract resources and publicity”.

Our amplifiEDUcation philosophy involves SHARING the ideas, struggles, experimentation, and learning that you have as teachers, with a larger community. You can develop your learning network not only in your school building but beyond, using the power of social media. In this process, you will learn more and you will learn deeper. You will develop your ideas, experiment more, feel supported in failure and success. You will grow a lot more as part of a community then alone.


I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to find strategies to be organised and productive in all types of life projects, including teaching.

And by the way, I am reading the book on my Kindle reader … on my cellphone! This is the way that I find my reading more “productive”, because the cellphone is available to me anytime anywhere. I can make the font size bigger so there is no problem reading on a small screen (actually I just lost my reading glasses and I can still manage! ). I prefer the cellphone over the iPad because it is light and I carry it everywhere. As it is work related I don’t want to read just before going to bed, so I like to read during the day, as I am on the bus, waiting in line, etc.

So make a reading choice! Find a book, find an appropriate medium for the type of reading you are doing, and enjoy!





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