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About us

What is ampeduca?

Amplified education means teaching and learning that is far-reaching, extending its influence, offering breadth as well as depth. We know we have amplified education when learning breaks physical and imaginary limits, reaching out for unexpected discoveries. We know we have amplified education when we make learning visible and easily available, inviting more learning in and impacting the learning of others. You can amplify education in small simple ways as well as with bigger steps. We at #ampeduca can help you at your own pace.

What We Offer?

We offer quality content to help amplify teaching and learning in your classroom, authored by experienced educators. Each ampeduca course comes with downloadable resources designed to facilitate implementation. We support extended learning through our Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and through new course offerings that connect to your previous ampeduca experience.

Our Expertise

Together we hold several Master Degrees and a Ph.D. in Education and we have participated in the publication of books and online courses. We are entrepreneurs who have founded our own consulting companies and conference. Together, our specialties include modern literacies, technology integration, student-centered learning environments, curriculum development for the modern learner, documenting for learning, blogging as pedagogy, STEAM education, and more. We are globally connected educators, active bloggers, and twitter contributors, who seek innovation and amplification of learning.

The Team

We are two female educators (and three female entrepreneurs) from three countries & two continents. We believe in globally connected learning, not only for students and schools but for ourselves. We lead by example- collaborating across time zones, pushing our limits, learning through trial and error, reflecting, and always sharing. Together we are smarter, stronger, better and speak more languages! We created ampeduca to share our passion and experience with educational innovation.

How We Are Connected

Silvia and Katrin embody global education, horizons, and friendship, having been educated at a bicultural German school in Argentina, being trilingual and having maintained their close friendship across continents for over 30 years.

Silvia and Silvana have worked together as Academic Tech Coordinators at Graded- The American School of São Paulo, Brazil, sharing the same office for one year, where they developed “Flashlight” for ASB Unplugged…. After Silvia moved back to the US, they kept their personal and work connections live through Facetime…. having worked, for example, on reviewing individual participation in group research.

Silvia is the connector that has brought us all together to share our passions for ampeduca.

Silvana Scarso Meneghini

Silvana Scarso is the third generation of Italian and Portuguese families who came to Brazil, a country which is in itself a melting pot of cultures. Globalization then took another meaning in her life when she moved to England for five years to get her Masters and Ph.D. in Education from King’s College, University of London. Having originally a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, and experience in software development, Silvana’s career took a turn when she decided to go back to College and start Pedagogy at the University of São Paulo. That was motivated by the perception that teaching had to undergo a dramatic change in order to really impact learning. Silvana has been working in education for the past 16 years, most of which as an Academic Technology Coordinator, where she has supported teachers and students k-12. As part of this experience, she followed the start and development of the BYOD program at Graded – The American School of São Paulo. Currently, Silvana’s work is focused in High School as a Teaching and Learning Coach. Cognition has always been a central interest for Silvana, which has guided her work in curriculum development and teaching strategies. STEM is also another major interest with a particular concern for promoting women’s participation in science and technology. Silvana’s enthusiasm for global learning is rooted in her personal life and also in a desire to develop advocates for Brazil while being connected and learning from different perspectives. To learn more about Silvana’s work follow her on Twitter, check her personal blog Comundo.

Location: Silvana is based out of São Paulo, Brazil

Languages: English & Portuguese

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano is a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Born in Germany, raised in Argentina, having lived shortly in Brazil, is now planted in the United States. Her multicultural upbringing fueled her passion for languages, travel, global awareness, and global competencies. Silvia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a Minor in International Studies and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology. She has worked as a World Language teacher, Technology Integration Facilitator, 21st Century Learning Specialist, Social Media Coordinator, Professional Development and Educational Consultant. Her passions include globally connected learning, technology integration, contemporary upgrades and amplification of the curriculum, documenting for learning (from digital portfolios, digital storytelling, new forms of teacher observations, to building institutional memory), blogging as pedagogy, visualize learning and developing & maintaining a Personal Learning Network. Silvia is known in the international bloggersphere under the name of “Langwitches”. To learn about her consulting work, subscribe to the Langwitches Blog and follow her on Twitter. 

She is a Curriculum21 faculty member,  author of the book “Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators“, one of the co-authors of A Guide to Documenting Learning,  Mastering Digital Literacy and  Mastering Global Literacy.

Location: Silvia is based in the USA and presents Internationally

Languages: Silvia is able to present in English, German and Spanish

Katrin Barlsen

Katrin was born in Germany but raised in Argentina. She studied hotel administration and has worked as a bilingual office manager (English/Spanish), German tutor and translator (English, German, Spanish), and recently became an ontological coach. Over the years, Katrin has been involved as a parent volunteer and representative in her three sons’ International School. Her work at the school heavily influenced the school, -parent and -community at large relationship, communication, and connections.

Katrin’s role at amplifiEDUcation is in the administrative area, amplifying her expertise in managing a global virtual office with partners from two continents and three different countries. She also translates all the content to Spanish and further on to German. Katrin contributes a valuable component to the team, as a life-long non-educator with a parent and community member perspective.

Location: Katrin lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Languages: English, German and Spanish